Italy – The fifth issue of the eco radical paper L’Urlo della Terra is out


L’Urlo della Terra
In this issue:
– Monsanto-Bayer criminal union
– Environmentalism and transhumanism, links against nature
– When trans-xeno-feminism, queer and anti-specism meet techno-science
Cyborg: a metaphor that becomes true, a device of power and the end of any liberation
– Vaccines: weapons of mass destruction
– G7 agriculture: business, control and dominion
– How to bank life, the Mach Foundation in Trentino
– Not a mere island
– They fear us because we don’t fear them
– The artificial reproduction of the human by Alexis Escudero – Ortica edizioni, 2016
– Leaps in the night…
– Let’s disarticulate the world of authority
Throughout the many years we’ve been working on issues such as environmentalism, nocivities and technology, we’ve always thought that the starting point preliminary to any trajectory of struggle was that of clarifying, among various positions of critique, the difference between those who want to struggle against the system of exploitation and those who on the contrary strengthen it by giving it possible way outs.
For example, when talking about nocivities, the work undertaken by most environmentalists and some eco radicals is certainly the most emblematic and significant case of how the system has not only recuperated some instances, but it has also succeeded in intervening and transforming reality in the name of these very instances. In the years animalism and a good part of anti-specism have also joined.

However we took it for granted that certain more sensible milieus with radical ideas towards the transformations of the world were at least firmer in considering certain processes and recognizing the latter as manifestations of power. Can science be considered neutral in these times? Nevertheless many have expressed serious doubts on non-neutrality.
During several months when we presented the paper and also our projects concerning the critique of techno-sciences, we would have never imagined we’d be so disappointed. Disappointment because it’s as if all our past work hasn’t been understood to the full. We’ve pondered the reason for such a situation. Maybe it’s because of the way technology and other issues have been criticized without going to the core of the problem, let’s think of nuclear power: is it sufficient to dwell on the radioactive aspect concerning nuclear waste or on how this form of technology has been imposed from above? As for the first point they might well foist a “solution” for the disposal of waste on to us; as for the second point they might well turn nuclear power into “participation”: as we can’t make without it we have to learn to live with it and manage it along with power companies… Partial aspects that don’t consider the complexity of radioactive, social, ecological nocivities…
A critique to technology made only and exclusively because the latter is a manifestation of power can appear positive at first, but it has limits because it leads to a slackness of ideas, to slogans and acritical points of view.
In the discussions, often also very heated, between the different positions we thought we’d find convinced techno-friends only in leftist milieus, which trust progress in all circumstances, even the nuclear and nano-technological ones. Or in certain dusty milieus stuck to eighteen century analysis, even if in the meantime we have come to cybernetics and children in vitro, they’re still hunting for the bourgeoisie… but we’ve found libertarian milieus that defend transhumanism, and they even come to distinguish a right-wing one and a libertarian-anarchist one, to such a point that they make hypothesis on Big Data and take hold of the latter (pseudo discussions on transhumanism published on “Umanità Nova”).
We’ve seen feminist milieus, even libertarian ones, supporting the thesis on xeno-feminism and the artificial reproduction of the human, and using all the stereotypes of pro-science academy as a good reason, even justifying the most controversial processes of techno-science, thus destroying with a single blow many years of struggles made by real women not yet cyborg metaphors waiting for the umpteenth deconstructionism.
Some anti-specist contexts, those more engaged in theoretical analysis, also fell for the transhumanist dream of a liberating technology.
Of course nature no longer exists in all this. The wilderness is finally erased inside and outside us; one finds that the empathy so much praised in glossy leaflets was exclusively destined to animals created by man in selections for breeding or vivisection…
Surely we find that the intoxication of the system, with its means of dissuasion and mass propaganda, doesn’t spare any context, even the critical ones. Perhaps, then, we’ll need to start off from this critique, but first we’ll have to understand what direction it’s taking: whether towards the cyborg hands of dominion or towards a wild land where liberation is still possible.
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