Italy –Gathering in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu outside the court


A gathering unfortunately organized at the last moment due to lack of communication, was held this morning outside the court in Cagliari in solidarity with Davide Delogu, who for two months has been submitted to inhuman punitive treatment that can only be described with one word TORTURE.
Davide is locked up in the prison of Augusta, in a bare cell, a basement, 22 hours a day; he goes to the exercise yard alone in a small square area, always in the shade, always alone. He’s being denied visits by anyone except his lawyer and the guards. For this reason Davide filed a complaint to the surveillance judge, who reported today before judges at the court in Cagliari, and we’ll know the verdict in a few days.

Astonishingly, it was only through Davide’s complaint that we learned of the precise conditions Davide is experiencing. Inhuman punitive conditions, which want to break the fibre of a rebel of other times, a rebel who only three months ago didn’t manage to get away because of a damned wind that spoiled his plans for a fantastic escape.
Davide was ‘sentenced’ to six months of this treatment for his escape attempt; two have already passed, we don’t know anything about his health but the risk of being affected by such forms of torture is very high, and we must do something.
In the face of the fury and torture the prison system is inflicting on Davide we must try to help him, to make his story known, to make this isolation stop as soon as possible. Any means is legitimate, let’s not leave Davide alone, let’s relaunch solidarity.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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