Italy – Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu


Banner on Torre dell’Elefante in Cagliari
 29th July 2017
We receive a very beautiful photo of a banner hung up this afternoon on the Torre dell’Elefante, one of the most important monuments in Cagliari. Davide free!
Demo outside Unione Sarda yesterday
 28th July 2017
Yesterday afternoon a demo was held outside Unione Sarda. The initiative was called by an assembly formed on the occasion of the week of solidarity and had a large participation; at half past 3pm about fifty people gathered in the foreground of the premises of the main regional daily, after about an hour the demonstrators moved in the premises chanting slogans against prison. Soon alarmed private security and journalists came over, followed by carabinieri. The demo went on for another hour without significant problems and then dispersed, not only because of the heat…
Rome and Lecce
 29th July 2017
News also from Rome and Lecce
From Lecce:
Tonight, on the occasion of the inauguration of La Caura (Roca – Lecce) [a new occupied space on the Roca Vecchia coastline], an information panel will be exhibited in solidarity with Davide Delogu.
From Rome:
A banner appeared during an initiative at Centocelle against ASBOs, raids and deportations.
27th July in Cagliari
Taking a stroll in Cagliari
Davide Delogu, imprisoned in Augusta, has started a hunger strike!
Torture, attempted murder, instigation to commit suicide: a typical story of detention.
Following a complained to the Surveillance Tribunal in Cagliari we learned about the conditions and abuse inflicted on our friend and comrade Davide Delogu, imprisoned in Augusta (Siracusa). For many years Davide has been complaining about the fact that he’s being inflicted a prison regime more like torture than detention.
Published on 27th July 2017
Davide is on hunger strike
We learn that Davide started a hunger strike today.
The main reason seems to be the fact that Davide was refused a photo of a dear comrade recently passed away, one who was very close to Davide.
Not having further info we can just re-launch with more and more strength a call for solidarity with Davide and the struggle he’s carrying out against the inhuman conditions they are imposing on his life.
Today we also learned about the result of the complaint Davide filed to the surveillance judge, of which a hearing was held last week (on 18th July). The complaint was met only in part, as Davide was granted to spend the two hours in the exercise yard no longer alone, thus breaking the total isolation in which he had been locked up in recent months.
News will follow.
26th July in Milan
Milan 24-07-2017 Campaign against isolation, solidarity with Davide and all rebel prisoners!
25th July in Bologna
We receive photos of graffiti which appeared in Bologna in solidarity with Davide:
23rd July in Cagliari
Spotted in the Poetto area:
Translated by act for freedom now !


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