Italy-The anarchist space “La Riottosa” in Florence was evicted and Eight anarchist comrades were arrested


This morning, 3rd August, a new operation by Florence prosecutors coordinated by police and carabinieri took place.
This is what we know while we wait for updates.
The anarchist space “La Riottosa” in Florence was evicted and trashed.
 Eight anarchist comrades were arrested:
 Micol Marino, Giovanni Ghezzi, Salvatore Vespertino (Ghespe), Pierloreto Fallanca (Pasca), Roberto Cropo, Nicola Almerigogna, Marina Porcu, Sandro Carovac.
Five of them were arrested following a bomb placed outside Il Bargello bookshop, linked to Casapound in Florence, on 1stJanuary 2017. That morning a bomb exploded in the hand of a bomb disposal expert, who lost a hand and an eye. The charges are: attempted murder, aggravated damage, fabrication and transport of explosive devices.
Another three are accused of attacking the carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano (Florence) with molotovs in April 2016.
For the moment this is what we know, updates and the addresses of the imprisoned comrades will follow.
Translated by act for freedom now!


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