Padua, Italy – Violent charges and arrests at the demo against neo – fascist Forza Nuova. Freedom for all


Tomorrow at 11am gathering outside the court in Padua for the release of those arrested
18 / 7 / 2017
Over five hundred antifascists demonstrated today against Forza Nuova’s presence in the city of Padua. The neo-fascist party had announced a demo against Ius Soli, which according to early plans was to go through one of the main roads of the city centre, from piazza Mazzini to piazza Garibaldi. The public callout for an antifascist demo along with several forms of pressure from below on the city’s institutions relegated Forza Nuova to piazza Antenore.

The common feeling bringing the antifascist front together was the decision to prevent Forza Nuova from doing any demonstrations at all in the city with all means necessary. For that reason, news of a march with flags and banners happening near Piazza Antenore under the supervision of the Police themselves immediately triggered the response and gave rise to a wild demo through the main roads and piazzas of the historical centre.
Antifascist Padua
As publicly announced and confirmed many times to the city’s institutions, the antifascists headed towards Piazza Antenore, while fascists were still there, in order to put an end to a demonstration full of hatred and the will to set ‘Italians’ against ‘migrants’. As the antifascists arrived in the central Piazza delle Erbe, close to piazza Antenore, and had already seeing the fascist gathering, they were stopped by a violent charge by the police mobile unit.
During the clashes three comrades were arrested; a summary procedure trial will be held tomorrow 18th July at 11am at the court of Padua, where there will be a gathering for the immediate release of those arrested.
From that evening in Padua one thing stands out: they have all been warned, fascists, police, prefects, mayors and municipalities: zero tolerance for fascism, and the political will of the many to prevent from below any forms of fascism finding space, can’t be stopped.
18 / 7 / 2017


Translated by act for freedom now!

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