Civitavecchia, Italy – Claim of an explosive attack on the court 27th of January 2016, by Fireworks committee for an extraordinary year FAI/FRI


Civitavecchia, Italy – Claim of an explosive attack on the court
‘My heart abhors and challenges the powerful of the earth, my hands wage war on the cowards and the oppressors’
(Rebel Love – Pietro Gori)
We live in a state of global permanent war, the eternal war among the oppressors, we know it and the main and secondary protagonists of the conflicts know it too. Above all the oppressed know it, as power’s arbitrary doings is being inflicted on their lives. Right now in the streets of the rich and opulent West we can see tanks and the army passing by, control and patrols in defence of trade and consumerism increasing, the territory being militarized. These are changes that can be detected even by the more dozed souls, but which the strategy of global control will try to make acceptable to us.
 ‘Among the exploiters, gentlemen, you can distinguish two categories: the ones don’t realize what they are or what they could be, they take life as it comes and are convinced they were born to be slaves, happy with the crumbs being thrown at them in exchange for their work, but there are others who think, study and gaze all around to discover flagrant social iniquities.’
(Auguste Vaillant)
We are not so blind as to believe that this global war has sharp and clear-cut fronts. As we recognize the enemies of freedom very well, so we can’t bear the resignation and tolerance of those who are willing to give up a piece of their lives every day. That’s why we don’t have the illusion we are working for some revolution, we bear well clear in our minds that the anarchy that can be realized is the one we live when we finally get rid of all yokes and decide to attack dominion. An experience we fell we share with comrades all over the world who join the project for the spreading of the FAI/FRI anarchist seed.

Tonight we sowed this seed in the form of an explosive device placed in one of state repression’s key spots in the territory: the court of Civitavecchia. We decided to take our freedom ourselves. We sharpened instruments, analysed tactics, because we are thirty with anarchy and we are impatient.
Courts and prisons are mere outposts of dominion; not only symbolic places but also physical ones, where the State and the authority, with a mark of condemnation, guilt and exclusion, lock up anyone who doesn’t adapt to the orders of global control.
As saint doors are being wide opened to spread miserable feelings such as piety and mercy, we destroy ideological and real walls so as to allow the hatred that animates us to be reconciled with the love for a free life. Today we acted convinced that the experiences of the comrades we lost, the comrades who are locked up or those who are on the run, we don’t want to carry them in some corner of our hearts, but we want to free them and let them arm our hands and warm our flesh.
For this reason our greetings go to the imprisoned comrades, who with their non-submission contribute to the spreading of a joyful and conscious subversion.
Fireworks committee for an extraordinary year FAI/FRI
 via:  Issue 7  2016 of  Fenrir, an eco-anarchist paper in Italy
Translated by act for freedom now!

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