Scumbag Co-op to arm ATM’s with ‘SmartWater’ – UK


In a bid to stop ATM raiders in their tracks the scumbag Co-op bank are fitting all their ATM’s with SmartWater to fight back against expropriation from their greedily gathered loot from the excluded on prison island.
SmartWater is an invisible traceable gel that stays on clothes and skin when triggered, boasted to be impossible to remove, guaranteed to last five years. The repressive forensic technology company SmartWater was founded and the gel invented by a West Midlands cop Phil Cleary and his scumbag chemist brother Mike.

The technology has been used already to target posh properties, infrastructure and businesses in London, to prevent burglaries of the ridiculously rich echelons of society. The gel is invisible to the naked eye, but even a speck of the gel can be detected when someone passes under a UV light which have now been installed in most cop shops and prisons in the country, a routine procedure in these repressive institutions. SmartWater has adapted the technology to prevent raiders who attack ATMs, that any cash they manage to steal, are marked with the water-based gel.
ATM raids have been on the rise on prison island in the last decade, a tactic imported from mainland fortress Europe. The methods of raiding the ATM’s are listed below:
Gas attack – one gas is piped into the machine, then another, using cylinders and pipes, the combining gases result in an explosion when reacting together.
ATM raids involving a saw or angle grinder are most common in the north-west.
Black box attacks occur more in London, it involves a device being fitted to cash machines that causes them to dispense all their cash.
Another common method of attack involves raiders trying to break an ATM by smashing heavy machinery such as a digger into the ATM.
via: fireonthehorizon.

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