Italy – Solidarity with anarchist Panagiotis Z. in Athens


‘First of all, they came to take the gypsies
and I was happy because they pilfered.
Then they came to take the Jews and I said nothing,
because they were unpleasant to me.
Then they came to take homosexuals,
and I was relieved, because they were annoying me.
Then they came to take the Communists,
and I said nothing because I was not a Communist.
One day they came to take me,
and there was nobody left to protest.’


On Tuesday 25th July comrade Z. Panaghiotis was stopped outside a friend’s home in Athens as he was going to a supermarket by no less than 40 digos officers, and then he was taken to the police station where the arrest was confirmed.
The reason for the arrest is unbelievable: the police are accusing him of giving a false address, which allegedly allowed him to avoid an arrest warrant for three months. Up until 25th July Z. didn’t have the slightest notion of such a warrant. The accusation seems to be based on ‘possible’ possession and throwing of explosives during a demo in Athens in 2012.
Z’s lawyer got vague and confused information from the police, long after the arrest. The following day the court ordered remand in custody until the next hearing, and justified the measure – for lack of real evidence – with the fact the comrade failed to declare his address to the municipal administration! How many of us could be arrested in this way?

Outside the court comrades’ and friends’ incredulity transformed itself into clashes with the police, during which a group of people tried to free Z. unsuccessfully, so another two people were arrested and then released until a hearing on 10th August.
All this is absurd! Z. was arrested and thrown in jail following a mere suspicion!
It’s not the first time that the Greek forces of order have reacted out of line so as to strike the social movements born with the crisis. Recently Theophilou tassos  who was suspected of a bank robbery with political aims, was declared not guilty and released after unjustly spending five years of his life in prison because of the fury of Greek justice against him.
We all remember the period 2008-2013, the general strikes and the youth revolt against austerity. The Greek police strategy is clear: to identify scapegoats and make them pay for the fire and anger which flared up then; to strike anyone who remained politically active and alienate them, thus preventing all this from happening again.
They are making the Greek people pay. Don’t let them play with our lives and freedom.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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