Turin, Italy – Anarchist comrade Antonio’s letter from Le Vallette prison


Here is a letter written by Antonio, which arrived a few days ago from the prison, before the Court of Review changed the measures.
Vallette, 5th August 2017
And here we are again, in the cells of a prison.
Once again we are accused of having ‘intruded’, of having tried to fend off the umpteenth raid against migrants in the neighborhood where we live.
To block a raid is a very arduous goal and the forces of order, by now, present themselves with anti riot gear, on horseback even, as happened in Milan, and they carry out proper military operations.
To express solidarity with hose arrested and make the raid “visible” are, alas, the meagre result one can achieve.
Certainly it can appear strange to talk about “making it visible” of a huge event such as a police raid in the very centre of a neighborhood, a context where police cars, vans, anti-riot police with helmets and truncheons surely don’t go unobserved.

And this is exactly the point. In these dark times, the military armed to the teeth walking in our streets and the raids on ethnic base which so much horrified democracy in the aftermath of the world, are habits of everyday life. Normality, as we know, is made of barbarism.
It is the same normality that was hovering Europe’s skies in the past, that world of henchmen “who just executed orders” and of technical solutions. The piazzas are the same where the then passer-by’s indifference mirror today’s buildings with windows shut.
The migrant hunt doesn’t only serve to keep a part of the population under pressure, but it is also an aspect of the more general war on the poor of which police is the armed hand.
Furthermore, the control on migration, which in recent years has been reaching levels beyond imagination, has the aim to erroneously identify the migrant as the responsible for the misery in which the state got us stuck, through political and media narrative.
It is precisely in the suburban areas of the cities, where families under eviction are kicked out of their homes and people struggle with over-exploited jobs, that the nightmare of the war among the excluded can spread.
The big trick served its purpose and too many were taken in.
To prevent all this from happening by those who decided not to live as miserable, is the reason why we are constantly imprisoned and kept away, the reason why we are beaten up and humiliated in police stations.
No problem anyway; it is the same reason why we resist, gnash our teeth and organize ourselves against the brutality around us.
A prisoner in my unit said: “one always loses in the war against the State”; yes I agree, one loses everything, really everything, but not one’s dignity.
Freedom for all
via: hurriya
Translated by act for freedom now!

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