Argentina: September 1 – International call to protest for Santiago’s return


International call to protest for the return of comrade Santiago Maldonado. He disappeared at the hands of the Argentine State during repression in the Mapuche community on August 1st, in Cushamen’s Lof resistance (Chubut-Arg.). This fact demonstrates the infamy of the State and its executioners yet again.
On 1 September ONE MONTH will have passed since the disappearance of “Lechu” “el Brujo”. A month during which the State and its media have justified the disappearance on several occasions, and on others changed the information, blaming the Mapuche community and his family.
La Paz, Bolivia: Incendiary attack against the Argentine embassy for Santiago Maldonado
Porto Alegre, Brazil: Simultaneous actions against the Argentine consulate and in the streets of the bourgeois Porto Alegre. Santiago Maldonado has disappeared and we are not indifferent.
In simultaneous actions, the Argentine consulate in Porto Alegre was attacked with bottles of  paint, while Goethe Avenue, a regular route for most of the bourgeoisie and exploiter inhabitants of Porto Alegre, was paralyzed by flames of contempt and the revolt of barricades. Flyers and a banner calling for Santiago’s return and solidarity with the Mapuche activists were left at both the consulate and in Goethe Avenue.

When we ask for the return of Santiago alive, we are not making a request. We did not come to ask the Argentine State because we expect nothing from it. When we demand the reappearance of Santiago alive it is because we are strongly launching a call for revolt for him, a cry of solidarity that does not remain indifferent, a battle cry against the system of colonizing domination.
It is necessary to remember that Santiago disappeared during the attack on Pu Lof Cushamen, in Chubut province, in the Mapuche territory. The attack was ordered by the Italian fashion house, Benetton, owner of  900,000 hectares in Patagonia since 1991. It is because of this historical complicity between States and capitalist “producers” that many cultures and ways of life are disappearing day after day, and today we regret the disappearance of yet another person in struggle.
The Mapuche warrior people have been fighting against these invasions for centuries, living in constant conflict with the Chilean and Argentinean States. From them comes a story full of dignified disobedience, of a people who despite all adversity resist, exist and confront dominion.
The repression of the Argentine State with the attack on the Mapuche and the disappearance of anarchist comrade Santiago is just one more expression of its attempt to control and conduct a war against people refusing to accept the structures of power and domination. We oppose any authoritarian action by attacking order and power.
Our response is direct action, in complicity and solidarity with those who struggle. No matter where we are, there will not be indifference in the hearts of those who do not let themselves be dominated, among the wolves in this world of sheep. We will make them feel our anger. Let’s break the peace of the accomplices in the disappearance of Santiago and shout for his return alive.
Solidarity with comrades struggling for the destruction of the capitalist system knows no borders.
For the return of Santiago Maldonado alive!
For the freedom of Lonko Facundo Jones Huala! [Mapuche warrior]
For the Freedom of the Mapuche warriors kidnapped by States!
Marichi wew! [Vinceremo!]
Text of the flyer: “We attacked the symbol of the Argentinian State because it is involved in the genocide of the Mapuche people and in the disappearance of the anarchist Santiago Maldonado. Just as here, colonization continues to exterminate and destroy a people and its land for profit. Under dictatorship or democracy, the State is the murderer of those who fight for land and freedom. No one will be forgotten and will live forever in our actions. Combative solidarity! Death to the colonizing State and civilisation!”
Banner text: “For the return of Santiago Maldonado alive. If you touch an (A), you touch all (A)”
Translated by Act for freedom now!


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