(A-Radio) B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 4 (09/2017)


Dear all,

Episode number 4 (09/2017) of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the
world”, a monthly news program from the international network of
anarchist and anti authoritarian radios, consisting of short news
segments from different parts of the world, is now online.

Length: 47 min

You’ll find the audio here:

* 98fm: action and repression in labor, student struggles, anti-fascist
anniversaries around Greece
* 105fm: immigration struggles, resisting fascist attacks, gender
violence and other topics from Lesvos
* Radio Kurruf: resistance to and dangers of liquified natural gas
* Rosas Negras: violence against civil society and journalists in
particular in El Salvador
* A-Radio Berlin: the government ban of the leftist info platform
linksunten indymedia in Germany
* Dissident Island: resistance from the Campaign Against Arms Trade
(CAAT) to the London DSEI arms fair
* The Final Straw: autonomous Hurricane relief

Other audios from A-Radio Berlin in English (or Spanish) here:

Or visit the new anarchist 24/7 online stream from the Channel Zero
Network: http://channelzeronetwork.com/


A-Radio Berlin

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