[Paris] Singing in the rain.


Project to build 33 new prisons. Inauguration of the Judicial City (Batignolles district) imminent. The state strengthens its repressive apparatus under the guise of humanization of confinement, of cops in their multiple forms and the legal crusher.
However, the gears of the judging and locking up machinery are not out of reach. A little research and the desire to act can get rid of fear and helplessness.
That is why, on the night of September 13-14, we broke the windows of the premises of the association Communication Insertion Formation Apprenticeship, located at 18 rue Carrières d’Amérique, and tagged “Investigators social collaborators of the cops”. CIFA has long had a partnership with the Interregional Directorate of Penitentiary Services in Paris and merged a few years ago with the Association of Applied Criminal Policy and Social Reinsertion (APCARS), which conducts social inquiries for judges.

Same fate for the windows of the offices of the architects of Canale 3, at 76 Darius Milhaud Alley, also covered with a “Death to jails The plans are here”, a reminder that it is behind this innocent facade that were drawn, among others, the plans for the “New Concepts” of the prisons of Longuenesse, Brest, Lorient-Ploemeur, Laon, Valence and Varenne-le-Grand, as well as those of the Tribunal of Bressuire.
At the approach of the trial of the affair of the cop car on fire at quai de Valmy (Remember, remember …), a thought goes to those who do not bow down their heads to Justice and its minions in togas and uniforms, as well as to the insomniacs, jolly pyromaniac boys and girls and artisans of the sledge hammer, who are still determined to attack, rage in their fists and dreams of freedom in their heart.
I want to break free.
Gene Kelly, Jhonny Hallyday and the Queens

via: cettesemaine.info
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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