Greece – Wednesday, September 20th, gathering demo held in solidarity with heavily injured K. B. at KAT hospital in Athens


Kostas M. was arrested in Exarchia some hours after the end of the anti-fascist demonstrations of September 16, on the occasion of the four years since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

During his arrest and transfer to GADA [Athens central police station], KM is beaten up and tortured by the MAT riot cops. Under unspecified conditions, the comrade, trying to escape the patrol that had just transferred him to GADA, is so heavily injured as to be hospitalized in the KAT. He remains trapped in a technical coma.. guarded by cops even in the intensive care unit.

The intervention lasted about 2 hours with a pre-concentration at the station of the train station of  KAT and continued in the courtyard of the hospital with the presence of some 200 in solidarity.


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