Call for a day against Benetton in Italy and Europe


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A greeting to all,
We are the Milan Network in defence of the Mapuche people.
On August 1, 2017, there was a violent raid without warrant of more than a hundred gendarmes in Pu lof in resistance at Cushamen, Mapuche communities in Argentina. They entered the community firing rubber and lead bullets and seized a comrade in solidarity, Santiago Maldonado. From that date, nothing has been known of Santiago. For weeks the State has denied any responsibility for what has happened.
For the Argentinian State the territory where Santiago disappeared is owned by the Benetton group. In fact it is land that the State seized from the indigenous peoples during the desert conquest (1872-1884), a genocide financed by British companies which received an enormous amount of land for the invasion, later bought by Benetton in the ’90s.

The more the days pass, the greater turns out to be Benetton’s involvement in the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado.
We are therefore inviting individualities, groups, spaces to demonstrate on September 30, 2017 in your territories, according to the forms and modalities you choose. We kindly ask that there be no party flags in the activities.
The aim of this gathering is to denounce the capitalist violence perpetrated by the Italian BENETTON group in complicity with the powers of the Argentinian and Chilean States against the Mapuche communities, so we are making an appeal for solidarity with the anti-capitalist struggle of the Mapuche people and to claim that Resistance is not terrorism!
We invite those who want to participate to let us know. The cities we have information about possibly by September 20th will be included in a common poster.
In Milan we will hold a gathering on September 30 from 3 pm to 6 pm in front of the Benetton store in Corso Buenos Aires, precise communications will follow, that we will also spread via the blog
Thank you for your attention and solidarity.
Network in defence of the Mapuche people, Milan.


Translated by Act for freedom now!


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