Italy – Bugs in Lecce


Few things in life are certain. For anarchists, besides death there’s the certitude of being constantly monitored, spied, being submitted to video surveillance and eavesdropping. Because of this certitude, one acts consequently and takes the necessary measures. But there are times when one notices something strange, and decides to find out what it is. That’s why we decided to do a rather superficial check on the rooms of our anarchist place one evening, and found what seems to be a bug inside an electric plug, although it wasn’t connected to any network.
Its precise functioning isn’t clear: either it contained a sim card through which some busybody could get connected to hear someone’s discussions, or a power supply battery. On one of the edges could be read the acronym ABG. Pictures of the object in question are attached.
Biblioteca Anarchica Occupata “Disordine” – Lecce
22nd September 2017

Translated by act for freedom now!
via: email.

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