Greece , Athens: Taking responsibility for Kerameikos metro station on 11 June 2017 by Anarchists


Taking responsibility for Kerameikos metro station
The city’s transport system is being restructured. Already all Metro and ISAP stations have had entrance and exit bars installed, new machines have been fitted on buses, ticket offices of the notorious e-ticket have been opened in stations and at various points in Athens.
In an environment of the State and the bosses’ total assault, to their attack on the world of work with wage cuts, dissolution of social security and funding cuts in social services, has been added the restructuring of the mass transit system. OASA claims it cannot cover expenses – at the same time executives are plundering its funds and giving millions of euros for the implementation of these measures (many thousands of euros will be given just for the advertising campaign of this restructuring to convince of its necessity).
 While the capital could not have the necessary profits without a fast transport network, for us the underdogs these measures lead to our exclusion from one basic need, transportation in the metropolis as without mass transport we cannot get to work, our education, our entertainment.

Particularly in the Metro, this blockade is happening in a direct, physical way: glass panels rise in front of us at the entrance and exit, depriving us of the choice not to pay a ticket.
 At the same time, the attempted restructuring would be wasted without the perpetuation of control and surveillance of those using mass transport: from personal data recording through electronic tickets and cards showing all the routes each one takes in the city, bullying from the ticket controllers, fines, security / cops inside stations, to the installation of CCTV cameras on buses and trains.
For the above reasons on Sunday morning of 11 June we chose to attack the Metro station in Kerameikos breaking
entrance / exit bars, ticket validation machines (old and new type), ticket vending machines and ATMs.
We will move freely where, whenever and in any way we want. We refuse control over transport (cameras, bars, security,controllers tickets) and give our own “tone” to the Athens alternative nightlife, virtually breaking the barriers and showing the basic ones that benefit most from their operation: Capital and its maintaining of profitability.
The cause of free movement is permanent and open. The struggle for it does not stop in the summer and continues by any means. We will not wait for legislative measures to react. We are showing our intentions from now on and say that we will always choose the time and place to unleash our denials in the planned restructuring of the mass transport system.
We’ll be back

Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

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