Greece, Athens: 1st announcement for the attack on neo- Nazis Golden Dawn offices in Aspropyrgos on 14/6/17 by Brigade “Shahzat Lukman”


1st announcement for the attack on Golden Dawn offices in Aspropyrgos.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 14/6, we visited the offices of Golden
Dawn at Aspropyrgos – the Nazi bastion in West Attica – and  attacked a group of executive members at the moment they were unlocking the place to open it.
It was a politically motivated action with a class necessity.

The “Stormtroopers” in Aspropyrgos have grown in audacity in their constant attacks on migrant workers, with simultaneous support and cover by the police and the junta-loving mayor. The organized forces of the movement had to give a strong response to their action. They had to be deactivated for a long time for the exploited in the area to be able to recover and for the world of struggle by helping each other, united like a fist to defend its class, to reassemble and attack back.
We struck the Golden Dawn scum in Aspropyrgos, carrying out our class
duty, shouting DEATH TO FASCISM as we crushed them. We acted as
necessary at the operational level for our plan to be met with absolute success.

The full text of the responsibility claim will be up in the following days


Brigade “Shahzat Lukman”


Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

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