Greece, Athens : solidarity to xm24 and the comrade salvatore vespertino in Italy


The Italian government is harassing our comrades in Bologna, and threatening them with eviction and punishment. All ready in bologna they shut down Labas and Crash showing their wild intentions.In Rome they shut down a refugee squat leaving 800 people without home..Also they invade squats and they took hostages two of our Italian comrades.We will not tolerate this attitude, and we will target the capitalist institutions that cooperate with the Italian State, to raise awareness about its violent and repressive nature,as a solidarity action for the incidents in Italy.We invite all comrades to join us, through direct action or other means, in the struggle against the enemies of a free society.
The purpose of the Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce (GICC) is to promote Greek products and companies in Italy. Which sounds great 🙂 But look, these are some of the sharks behind it:
Ioannis TSAMICHAS, former Siemens executive, nationalist, Tsipras fan and active supporter of economic terrorism
Luigi Efisio MARRAS, fascist general during the Mussolini regime and Chief of Defense of the Italian government
Ioannis SYNGELIDIS, former Citroen executive and Knight of the Order of Value in France
GICC doesn’t work with local producers and families, only with capitalist companies, as well as the Italian State’s embassy, and Eurobank , a €66B (BTC28M) monster. So it’s all part of the game. So fuck the game.
And finally we decided to send a message of solidarity to Italy…….

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