Genoa, Italy – Demo in solidarity with those arrested at the G20 (30/09/2017)


A G20 summit was held in Germany on 7th and 8th July.
A ritual encounter between State Leaders, where they ideologically and practically present the world as a big company whose profits are to be shared among them. The Earth’s resources and those who live in it are considered useful for making profits. Through exploitation, death and misery, this is what the States, capitalism and all authorities always reiterate on a global scale.
This is before us all every day, in the multiple contexts of society, wars, borders and all forms of suppression of freedom.
In the Hamburg days the revolt that exploded responded to all this by breaking the limits of the permitted, striking targets representing Capital and the uniforms that defend it and giving back Power some of its violence.

Conflictuality and the clash between exploited and exploiters is also a response to social peace, fear, repression which democracies also impose with force and blackmail.
We stand in solidarity with those who gave life to the Hamburg days and set fire to those days of revolt. We stand on the side of those imprisoned in German jails and who, like Riccardo, will go on trial soon.
Solidarity and strength to the G20 prisoners!
Riccardo free! Freedom for all!
On this day we’ll also take part in the anticapitalist international mobilization for Santiago Maldonado, who disappeared on 1st August after an operation led by the Argentinian Police and National Guard to repress a committee for the Mapuche’s resistance against the colonization of the Patagonia lands by multinationals (such as Benetton).
In areas in Argentina and Chile, mercenaries, landowners and henchmen, in complicity with the Police, kill and repress the peoples who inhabit the lands they continue to expropriate for their profit.
Those responsible are the State, authority and Capital. In many years of struggle there are still many desaparacidos, prisoners and hunger strikes among the Mapuche people and those in solidarity with them.
Solidarity with those who struggle! Mari Chi Weu!
DEMO in solidarity with the G20 prisoners
Translated by act for freedom now!

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