Clermont-Ferrand, France – Incendiary attack in solidarity with those accused in the case of the cop car set on fire (23/09/2017)


Some sparks in the night
I haven’t been feeling well lately
and I was angry at the trial about the cop car
these two things aroused in me the need to attack
so tonight (between the 22nd and 23rd September) I went to a parking area of municipal vehicles in Clermont, and set fire to a lorry that was there.
I didn’t feel much like finding any meaning, it was the first target I found at hand and which seemed to be feasible in terms of risks
I only needed darkness to cover me in the revolt against this world now that the deed is done, I send a few sparks to warm the hearts of those facing the consequences of the arson on a cop car on 18th May, particularly to anyone who is convinced that this action makes sense, and uses this conviction to keep a dignified attitude in front of the justice
no truce no remorse
an old biting dream
Translated by act for freedom now!

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