Chile / Brazil: Solidarity Is Action


*On the raids against anarchist spaces in Brazil and on the
internationalization of the anarchic offensive against repression in the
Southern Cone.*
As has been reported in some media and blogs, at dawn on October 25th in
Brazil the civil police of Rio Grande do Sul invaded anarchist spaces
and homes in the context of an investigation into attacks on banks,
police stations, car dealerships and headquarters of political parties
carried out by anarchists over the last four years in Porto Alegre.
All of this occurred on the eve of the 8th Annual Anarchist Book Fair in
Porto Alegre, that was scheduled to begin on the 27th of October but has
now been cancelled until further notice in light of the events that have
taken place.
The police have named this new repressive coup against anarchist
Operation Erebo. In Greek mythology, Erebus (blackness) was a primordial
god of darkness and shadow.
According to the forces of repression, this raid is a part of an
investigation which began a year ago following an attempt to attack a
police vehicle outside a police station, an investigation that involved
more than thirty suspects, among whom, according to the director of the
Metropolitan Police (Fabio Motta), were people from Brazil, Chile,
Bolivia and France. According to comments to the press by the head of
the Civil Police (Emerson Wendt), these people had formed an
organization that stands “against all forms of power, control and
morality in society”.
The spoils of war stolen by the bastards are the same types of material
already well known from other repressive operations in the region, such
as the case of Operation Salamander (‘Bombs Case’, Chile 2010) or the
repression against anarchist spaces in Bolivia during May 2012: books,
masks, leaflets, posters, computers, and in this case a large number of
eco-bricks that are being presented by the police as Molotov cocktails.
The charges brought by the repression include: attempted murder,
criminal organization, gang formation and damage to public heritage with
explosive material.
For its part, the local press plays its role as miserable collaborators
to validate and justify the repressive operation. In one of the
newscasts, a reporter displays in his hands (without gloves) a piece of
the evidence that they consider conclusively proves the dangerousness of
the alleged criminal group: a copy of the book ‘Chronology of Anarchic
Confrontation’ which is documents actions carried out in the territory
dominated by the State of Brazil.
Beyond the evidence and the accusations, we see once more how the
repressive strategies of states are being internationalized against
anarchist spaces and comrades to try and slow down the anarchic struggle
in all of its forms and expressions.
Faced with this, our response can be none other than international
solidarity and cooperation and the strengthening of networks of action
and to promote the anarchic offensive at war against States and all
forms of power.
From Chile to Brazil, solidarity, agitation and direct action against
all authority!
Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, Cell of Anti-Authoritarian Agitation
Chile, October 26th, 2017.


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