Greece , Thessaloniki – Responsibility Claim on 23/5/17 Solidarity with anarchist comrades T. Theofilou and D. Harisis.


Salonika – Responsibility Claim
The existing authoritarian structure comes from and at the same time is maintained by a  series of institutions and mechanisms, including thejudicial system. The latter contributes to  the reproduction of the state and capitalism. Through laws that make up the model of the peaceful and well-respected citizen, condemn each deviant behaviour, seek to erase any struggle and insurrectional flame and at the same time terrorize those who choose to fight. From the prosecutors who measure lives with numbers enclosed in filing cabinets, the judges who by hitting a hammer like modern inquisition priests send lives to the dungeons of democracy, right up to the lawyers that barter the lives of the “accused”.
Specifically in the case of enemies of democracy, the vengefulness of the judicial system invalidates the face of indiscriminate justice and goes hand in hand alongside all the mechanisms of repression. Abductions of comrades, imprisonment and isolation of friends and relatives and the violent taking of fingerprints and DNA. While new legislations, (anti-terrorist law, anti-protest law) are written to enhance fear, to give a reason for imposing abusive sentences and ensuring the longevity of the fortification against the enemy within.

 So, on 23/5, a paint attack was carried out on the private school “Themis” that prepares students for the National School of Judges and Prosecutors.
The attack is also a minimal act of solidarity to the comrades T. Theofilou and D. Harisis.
 Permanent anarchist action must take up a position of battle, light up the social war, reverse the climate of fear, taking it to enemy’s camp. The enemy, the front of the sovereign, is based on social ethics and built upon the support beams, the code of law. The social war that is taking place in the guts of the authoritarian empire is a war of confrontation between two hostile perspectives, on one side the world of lawfulness, authority, abuse and oppression, on the other side the world of denial, of freedom, and the persistent attack on all fronts. We do not express any kind of social justice, we only put into practise our code of values which walks over the debris of the legal system as we tear it down. We do not expect the reform of justice or the improvement of prisons. As long as there is “justice” and “injustice” we will continue to fight against the laws. As long as there are prisons we will continue to fight for freedom.
By every means, and with everything, with daily reaction, attack, conflict.
Solidarity with comrade D. Harisis arrested on 11/5 for the expropriation of money transfer service in the Agricultural University of Athens.
Solidarity with comrade T. Theofilou who is on 2nd grade trial on 27/6 for the bank robbery in Paros.

Translated by A.F.F.N.

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