Graz, Austria: Snatches of struggle against the construction of a power station on the banks of the Mur


Graz, Austria: spontaneous demonstration against the power plant construction site
Monday, October 2, we expressed our rage against the construction site of the power station on the bank of the Mur. Nearly 20 people moved spontaneously and uncontrollably through Graz city centre with a banner reading “Bring down the State, not the trees”. Several hundred leaflets were given out, traffic was intermittently blocked and fireworks were set off.
After an hour or so, the demonstration dissolved, the banner was hung from a fence of the construction site and everyone had disappeared before the cops arrived at the scene of the demo.
A brief quote from the flyer:
“The struggle around the river Mur is only part of the confrontation concerning our surroundings and ultimately our lives. Every attack initiated against authority is a step of irresponsibility. Because it shows that nothing is impossible – no matter what they try to make us swallow day after day. “
The projects of dominion are rotting and destroying our lives, let’s sabotage them together! With all means…
Let’s destroy power!
via: sansattendre.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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