Athens:The first Revolutionary Struggle appeal trial, which began on May 22, 2015, ended on 25 October 2017.


The five-member Court of Appeal ended after two and a half years of sessions
in Korydallos Women’s Prison.
The Appeal Court actually validated the first instance decision. Sentences of 46 years’ imprisonment (from the 50.5 years that had formerly been imposed) for the two main defendants (Kostas Gournas,  and Nikos Maziotis and pola roupa 49 years) who took responsibility for their participation in the organization and 6 years (from the 7 first in force) for both (E. Stathopoulos and Ch. Kortesis), who refuse the accusations.
Following the conclusion of the court case, comrades Vangelis Stathopoulos and Christoforos kortesis, who had been out of prison with restrictive measures for the last three years, have now been brought back to prison to complete their sentences.



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