Greece : A text letter from anarchist comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos, and Christoforos Kortesis


Seven and a half years after our arrest in April 2010 for the
Revolutionary Struggle case, on Tuesday 24/10 ended the second degree
trial for the case. And this court ratified the obvious with its
decision: across it was declared opponents of the regime and treated
them as such. As for us, our conviction to 6 years imprisonment -charged
with forming a terrorist organization, a master key charge for
convictions- is due exclusively to what we have declared from the first
moment when refusing the charge: our political identity and action as
anarchists as well as our insubordinate attitude to all investigative
and judicial proceedings.
The vindictiveness of the prosecution mechanisms penetrates all stages
of our prosecution culminating with our re-imprisonment after the recent
decision. For the remainder of our sentence we have to serve (5 months
and 8 months respectively), the prosecutor of sentences Drakos took
special care of us by sending us to the prisons of Alikarnassos and
Kerkira respectively, isolating us from those close to us and our
political environment.

Of course, we all used to the repressive tales with all kinds of
“Drakos”: when a year after our arrests the 12month prison council
released us due to lack of evidence, it was Supreme Court prosecutor
Ioannis Tentes who appealed this decision and confirmed the politic of
our prosecution. When a month before the decision of the first trial the
then minister of Protection of Citizens Nikos Dendias sent a nonpaper
with “dangerous terrorists” to the “independent journalism” which
includes the names of many other comrades, did nothing more than
confirming the modern “idionymon”* for those who resist.
Even until the day of the appellate decision, for 4,5 years that is, we
remained free (with restrictions).
We have not been “corrected” all these years, we will not now either. We
continue always with the destruction of state and capital as our
horizon, at the side the oppressed and those who fight for a world of
equality, freedom, and solidarity.
From the transit hold prison on Petrou Ralli street, a few hours before
our transfer.
Vaggelis Stathopoulos, Christoforos Kortesis.
*a law “concerning safety measures for the social establishment and
protection of the freedom” introduced by the Venizelos government in
1929 aiming to penalize the insurrectional ideas and in particular to
fire prosecution against communists, anarchists and enforce repression
against the unionist mobilizations.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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