Teramo, Italy – Expulsion orders following a demo outside the local prison.



Several expulsion orders from the city of Teramo have been sent to a number of comrades accused of taking part in a solidarity demo outside the local prison on 15th August. Various carabinieri stations are giving out these out in the Abruzzo region but not only.
Of that demo it is worth remembering the absurd dispositions that Teramo police wanted to impose in their attempt to break solidarity between prisoners and the people outside, and deprive that day of any meaning. A report can be found at this link. Police orders were not obeyed and that is the reason for the expulsion orders; in particular the fact that the designated place (an insignificant square from where no prisoners would have been able to hear or see the people in solidarity) ‘was not respected’ and instead we placed ourselves in a field from where we managed to carry on great communication and solidarity with the prisoners.

Furthermore, the expulsion orders stress the urgency with which they are to be notified. As if Teramo police wanted to say that there are many disputes and potential conflicts in the area (housing problems, protests outside factories, environmental devastations and antifascism) and certain people are not to be involved. In other words, the expulsion orders showed a certain haste by the administrators of power not so much because of the August demo outside the prison, but of what these people could do… and in these dark times… a few sparks could be enough to ignite flames of revolt.
Now, in conclusion, a couple of banal considerations but which are always useful. The first concerns an obvious truth. Someone might think: ‘That demo could have become a trap, given that it had been authorised in one place and staged in another’… That’s right! It’s true that one runs the risk of ending up in the grips of repression when one doesn’t comply with power’s orders… but it’s also true that no social improvement would ever have been achieved if power’s orders had always been complied with. We are not going to dwell on this, also because each one answers to their own self, as to what they do and according to how much they want to risk. But spaces for action, even small ones, even in the province, were only conquered thanks to the many tiny ruptures made in the every-day struggle.
This said, a final consideration: the instruments for opposing these repressive acts (especially the administrative ones) can be various. And it is up to every one’s intelligence and solidarity to think it over and find the way. If we were able to create a solidarity network so that the comrades in the grip of repression could have ‘their backs covered a little’ (for small things at least), the small ruptures we make every day in this miserable society would become huge apertures through which the seeds of revolt will be able to bloom over and over again.
Posted on October 29 2017
Translated by act for freedom now!

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