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It’s finished
The site of Brèves du désordre stops from this day, for various reasons – such as the structural limitations of counter-information or the relation with the internet (which have been accentuated in recent years) – but none of which is related to the repression.
Like some Indymedias, for example, we also received, the same day and at the same time, the summons from the Ministry of the Interior to withdraw the communiqué of the very beautiful attack on the barracks of the gendarmerie of Grenoble, which there was no intention of doing, not even for a quarter of a second. As others have already written, it is better for a site to go (or become more difficult to access) and to search for other means and instruments, rather than accept such blackmail from the henchmen of the State. Ethics rather than tactics seems to us the least thing.
This kind of element and others earlier led us to keeping it a little longer than we would have liked. Now it will remain a source of archives for those who are still interested.
For our part, 14 years after its creation in the form of Brèves du désordre prolonging the activity of a paper newspaper (1992-2009) now extinct (ideas and actions, always, even outside those communicated), we can only repeat that any anarchist perspective that does not reduce itself to mere philosophical speculation necessarily passes through the destruction of the old world here and now, and by moments of individual and collective violent rupture with the normality of order and domination …
Some former contributors
Saturday, October 7, 2017

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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