Montichiari, Italy – The world around us: a town and a concentration camp


On 12th April 2017 parliament approved the Minniti-Orlando bill containing new regulations concerning international security and aims at increasing the percentage of deportation of irregular migrants.
In other words, it envisages the construction of real concentration camps where prisoners are labelled with a number, under the name of CPRs (permanent centres for repatriation), which are to take the place of the old CIEs (centres of identification and deportation, Bossi-Fini bill, 2002). There will be a CPR in each region, up to a total of 1,600 places and each centre will be able to hold a maximum of 100 people. Following protests staged by humanitarian organizations, Minniti gave assurances that the centres are to be set up far from the cities and close to airports so as to make deportations faster and keep sleeping consciences at peace.
An ideal context for the future CPR in the Lombardy region is that of the ex-barracks Serini in Montichiari, where the airport can be linked directly to the detention centre: out of sight, out of mind. In fact in May Montichiari was identified as a municipality willing to host the CPR in Lombardy; the end of construction works and the opening of the centre were proposed for next spring. In line with other European governments, the Italian government is therefore taking part in the erection of walls and barbed wire and tightening the laws on immigration and the control of the national population. Therefore the CPR in Montichiari is just one of the many contexts of social repression, which will lead to further militarization on a local level on the pretext of more alleged security.
Forced migration is just the consequence of decades of terrible wars and bombardments that have been devastating the earth in the name of the economy and the interests of power. We want to struggle against the opening of the CPR, but far away from the identity and racist hatred that has pushed fascist and Northern League movements to stage protests at the Serini barracks in recent months. We are also far from so-called ‘welcoming’, whose purpose is that of regulating, filing, cataloguing and moving undocumented people around as if they are merchandise, so that these people can be better controlled, as well as infantilizing who is perceived as different. History is repeating itself: there are first-rate individuals and second-rate individuals. From welcome centres to CPRs, here is another cog that increases the efficiency of a machine and defines a system even more based on the isolation of the individual.
The choice: to be a cog or to be sand that jams this mechanism of segregation and slavery?
Enemies of all cages


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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