Call to fight: Do sabotages the activities of those bastards! (Czech Republic)


Receive on 19.10.17

We see that the repressive campaign on the anarchist movement does not cease. Examples are enough: the operation Fénix ( case in the Czech Republic, the case of the Warsaw Trinity (, charges of bank robbery ( in Aachen, courts with rebels against the G20 summit in Hamburg ( and other cases.

Cops, judges, prosecutors, masmedia. They are haunted, imprisoned, robbed, manipulated. This is a challenge to all Revolutionary cells and other groups and individuals. Do sabotages the activities of those bastards. Turn them into terrain, technology and structures. Organize resistance. Support the fugitive and their loved ones.

What destroys us will stop by fighting.

The goal is clear = freedom, justice, anarcho-communism

Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB)

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