His application for release in the case of his shooting by the cop, which has turned into… attempted homicide from Simos, was denied a few days ago. The thought of the prosecutor that Simos in “saint pauls” (koridallos prisons hospital) enjoys all the necessary attention he needs (this is where we laugh…), and because of the other cases on his back, he is considered to dangerous to be released…

The judicial and police authorities denied to comply as they should have to the demand of Simos Seisidis for a human and dignified transfer to the courts today. Simos demanded his transfer to be made with a normal cop car because of his health situation,and to not helping hem any of the cops to get out from the cop car! while the authorities insisted they used a special cop van with a small metal cage inside it. The prosecutor at evelpidon court showed good intentions to allow Simos demand, but was stopped by the pereus prosecutor and the management of koridallos prisons. Around of couple of comrades anarchists for solidarity! wos there all morning to see Simos bad next time..

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