Italy – Freedom for all the comrades implicated in operation ‘Scripta Manent’


The first trial against the comrades implicated in operation ‘Scripta Manent’ is due to start on 16th November.
As shown by the name given to the operation, the trial is based on thousands of files obsessively accumulated by the prosecutor, Sparagna by name on this occasion. A zealous obsession, certainly, but also a strategy already seen in the past: such a huge number of files can only mean they have very little in their hands in respect to the shadowy evidence needed to get incriminations.
In the meantime Sparagna is not sparing in continual pressure as he persists in persecuting comrades’ private lives and those of their loved ones. After all, this is in line with the best tradition of someone who made their career thanks to the noble availability of the ‘repentant’: hard evidence is only a bunch of papers, so they try to proceed in another way.
We certainly don’t expect these characters to know the meaning of the word ethics, intent as they are on defending the indefensible: champions of a violent, bellicose social order of the dark ages, deaf to any logic other than careerism, ambition, profit, thirst for power to the detriment of anything and anybody, greedy for (ab)use and consume.

One of the dirty games of this investigation is the obvious intent to divide comrades into two ‘schools of thought’, according to their alleged practices. This clumsy attempt did not appear out of nowhere. There has always been debate, also heated, between the various perspectives of struggle among comrades, in the distant past as in the present. It is an instrument of enrichment to be interpreted positively, and helps us understand the times we’re living in.
So we want to say something loud and clear that can reach even the deafest ears:
Albert known as Libertad – Emilè Pouget – Errico Malatesta – Jules Joseph Bonnot – Gaetano Bresci – Louise Michel – Giovanni Gavilli – Nicola Sacco – Bartolomeo Vanzetti – Severino di Giovanni – Buenaventura Durruti – Pietro Gori – Emma Goldman and many other comrades of the present and the past are our history, they belong to our dialectics and growth.
And to those who believe that ‘divide and rule’ can be a winning formula, we repeat our closeness and solidarity to those struck by the apparatuses of repression, our only enemies.
Freedom for all the comrades implicated in this operation.
Rete Evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now!

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