Italy – Against the TAP, counter-violence!


We want to express our complicity and deepest solidarity with those opposing this monstrous expropriation of the Salento land with all means and forms. The manoeuvres of the machinery of dominion, which are imposing themselves on the TAP issue more and more, are the open expression of the State’s arrogance as it strikes land and populations.
Close to those rebelling against all this with courage and love, we hope for a massive spread of acts of resistance and liberating paths. To the violence of red zones, truncheons, written and unwritten intimidations, let’s respond with the creativity of conflict! We hope to hear every day more and more massively that spontaneous actions against the accomplices of this violation continue to destabilize such social idiocy at the hands of the TAP and its lackeys. We are no longer prepared to be crushed and reduced to harmless spectators of the existential misery they want us to submit to. Knowing their determination and passion for freedom we give a strong hug to the Salento comrades!
No TAP anywhere, against neo-liberalist non-logic everywhere!
Published by Individual Anarchists from Basilicata on 2017/11/22
Translated by act for freedom now!

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