Lecce, Italy – PD premises spray painted: ‘Accomplices of the TAP’


From the local press of 17th November we learn:
‘During the night vandals attacked the premises of the PD [Democratic Party]in Via Tasso in Lecce. Unknown persons smattered the PD head offices with blood-red paint. Recently the provincial secretary Ippazio Morciano had called on the mayors of the Salento region to quell on-going quarrels between the various local communities in Salento.
Vice minister Teresa Bellanova, also of PD and a member of the Government, authorized the construction of the TAP gas pipeline, which is to bring gas from Azerbaijan to the San Foca coast, and from there to the rest of Europe. The level of controversy has therefore intensified, as the campaign against the TAP is also attracting converts elsewhere in the continent. For example Swedish activists have expressed solidarity with the [NO TAP] committees.’
Translated by act for freedom now!

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