Libya – Video about the massacre of 6th November and the responsibility of the Libyan Coast Guard


A week ago we had yet another demonstration of how the Libyan Coast Guard is no more than the watchdog of Fortress Europe, whose task is not to give succour to the shipwrecked but to do the dirty job of preventing migrants from leaving Libya alive. The Libyan Coast Guard is currently being trained by the European Naval Force, according to an agreement signed by Admiral Enrico Credendino and Commodore Abdalh Toumia, the Libyan Coast Guard chief.
On 6th November, in international waters 30 miles off the Libyan coast, a dinghy with 145 migrants on board started to take in water. When a German NGO and the Libyan coast Guard arrived on the scene, there were already dead bodies in the sea. The Libyan Coast Guard positioned near the dinghy didn’t respond to the radio appeals of the NGO; on the contrary, instead of making an effort to save the migrants, they launched insults and objects at the volunteers who were succouring the migrants far away from the dinghy and prevented them from getting near it.
The migrants who managed to get on to the Libyan vessel in spite of the difficulties were greeted with insults, threats and also punches, kicking, beating with whips and sticks, particularly those who wanted to go to the German NGO because they had seen their children and friends on the volunteers’ boat or because they didn’t want to go back to the Libyan camps where they could expect torture and beatings. On seeing his wife on the other side, one of the migrants on the Libyan vessel struggled with the sailors and went down; at this point the Libyan Coast Guard set off with the engine full throttle, thus consigning the man to an uncertain fate.
In the location of the massacre there was also a helicopter of the Italian Navy and a French war ship, which did nothing more than express some not very convincing formal complaints to the Libyans at the end of the ordeal.
It’s believed there were over 50 dead, including a two-and-a-half-year old child.

Translated by act for freedom now!


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