Hamburg – A Telekom vehicle on fire for 17th November


Inspired by our comrades’ fighting determination in Greece, which represents a challenge to the reigning permanent order we sabotaged a TELEKOM vehicle last night [16th-17th November 2017].
17th November is a historic day in Greece, which takes extreme left and anarchist movements to the streets. As the military junta decided to attack the Polytechnic in Athens with armoured vehicles on 17th November 1973 thus killing over 20 people, it contributed in part to create the foundations of the anti-authoritarian movement in Greece, the very foundations that still exist today. Every 17th November the victims of that massacre are traditionally remembered with stones and molotov cocktails.
Anarchist subversion allows us, even in Hamburg, to show solidarity with the friends who struggle in Athens. We refuse to think in terms of national borders. That’s why a day like 17th November is a day that shouldn’t create disorder only in Greece but also here. For we are not interested in knowing whether the enemies speak German or not. For hatred towards the different is the very problem, a policeman is the very problem, the state itself is the problem, dominion in itself is the problem. And as dominion is everywhere so is our subversive action. Freedom’s enemies can be found anywhere, it’s sufficient to keep one’s eyes open. Deutsche Telekom provides the servants of the State with vanguard technologies and helps the doing of police pigs, coast guards and jailers. The maintenance of power is like a clock mechanism, our mission is that of sabotaging it.
May we breathe free again in the shadow of destruction.
Let’s revolt in order to breathe.
To quote the Telekom advert: ‘For a world without borders’
Anarchist group

Translated  by act for freedom now!

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