Lecce, Italy – Disruptive action against the hotel that hosts police forces in defense of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipelines)


Posted on 11/29/2017
Translated by act for freedom now!

On Friday 24th November, at around 7pm, about fifty demonstrators gathered outside the President hotel on Via Salandra in Lecce, which hosts the carabinieri mobile units coming from outside the region and deployed to watch over the TAP yard and the red zone in Melendugno. With whistles, stadium trumpets and cooking pans they gave life to a very noisy disruptive action, and through a loudspeaker they explained that there will be no truce for those who collaborate with and make profit from the construction of the TAP gas pipeline.
An hour later, the demonstrators moved to the streets of the historical centre and passed in front of the TAP premises, where eggs filled with paints were flown at the entrance door.
On Sunday 26th November the noisy demonstration was held once again.

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