Italy – Cassa AntiRepressione Alpi Occidentali on the ”Scripta Manent” trial


No ifs no buts
A trial is to begin on 16th November in Turin against 29 comrades accused of subversive association with intents of terrorism and other offences. Seven of these comrades have been in pre-trial detention since September 2016, in AS2 high security units.
Besides wanting to establish personal responsibilities in relation to various actions claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation in the last decade, the investigation subsequently expanded to the solidarity with the defendants and with the re-launching of practices of attack.
The investigation, which the inquisitors called Scripta Manent, is essentially based on a comparison between the claims of various attacks and pieces of writing by the comrades on trial, on the contacts between the latter and on the distinction between the good, the bad, the social, the radical, FAI members and so on, in the anarchist galaxy. One of the classic analyses devised in courtrooms and police stations.
The acrobatics used to attribute actions to the comrades develop according to the usual old script: if you express solidarity with a certain kind of actions and/or with an acronym that claims them you become a number one suspect, then you are put under investigation and finally you are put on trial. However it’s a script sufficient to impose pre-trial detention and a trial afterwards, in the hope – theirs – to create a void around these comrades, to foment taking distance, to confirm the thesis of the good and the bad.

To this it adds the ‘necessity’ to identify leaders (still according to a script and an investigation) i.e. the founders of the subversive association: precisely for this reason Anna Beniamino, Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito and Danilo Cremonese won’t be able to be present at the proceedings in the courtroom, as they will be subjected to video conferencing.
For a defendant video conferencing actually means the impossibility to be present in the courtroom alongside comrades, friends, families; the difficulty to determine his/her own intervention at the trial (for example any defendant’s statement can be immediately interrupted with a simple click); to communicate face-to-face with his/her co-defendants; to ‘get out’ of the prison walls.
The operation Scripta Manent is a direct attack on anarchists, on anyone who struggles without mediation or compromise.  Far from power’s logic, close to the anarchist comrades on trial we reiterate our solidarity with those who struggle to destroy the system. No ifs no buts.

Translated by act for freedom now!
via: CNA

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