Italy : Stragi di stato


Stragi di stato

In view of the appeal hearings for those arrested during the Brenner demonstration on 7 May 2016, instead of following the deadlines with presences outside the court of Bolzano, an assembly the El Tavan anarchist space in Trento decided to propose a day of initiatives in the various cities for December 12th, anniversary of the Piazza Fontana massacre. The state massacres continue: the Mediterranean is a gigantic cemetery.

The idea is to weave solidarity with defendants and those investigated with the resumption of a path against borders and the system that imposes and protects them. In particular, to remember what is happening off the coast and in the territory of Libya, on the murderous nature of Italian government policy and the role of ENI.
 In Lecce, as a contribution to that day, a leaflet was given out during the No Tap march on December 8th. Also because ENI, through SAIPEM, is involved in the construction of part of the TAP gas pipeline.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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