Athens, Greece: Electronic Gargoyls


Received 14/12/17
Yesterday, 13.12 (ac.ab), we decided to honor the night by interfering with our neighborhood by destroying 4 cameras on Zaimis Street. One of the reasons we live in Exarhia is certainly the avoidance of technofascism and avoiding to being watched on a continuous basis without our will.
We do not want security cameras to protect property, which will end up in the hands of the police in case of thivery.
We promote autonomoys patrols, communication between residents and solidarity. And we would like to tell you that the cameras you put,put them in your house or they will end up broken as yesterday and tomorrow.With a small walk we saw around 20 cameras …!
Our move is in solidarity to the hunger strikers Nikos Maziotis Pola Roupa,to the tortured by security forces arrested on December 6, and people who realize that a free neighborhood is won by struggle.
Autonomoys Politically Conscious Residents of the Neighborhood of Exarchia


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