Germany : Countering the repression against NoG20


Sunday evening the Rigaer94 in Berlin published 54 pictures of cops, who were part of the forced eviction in the summer 2016. It’s an offensive act just hours before the announced publishing of pictures of people that were involved in the anti-G20 resistance by the police.
The Rigaer94 asks for information about the cops and to make them responsible for the three weeks of violence that startet with the crack down on the house on June 22nd 2016.
Mass media, cops and politicians reacted allergically. On Monday morning the newspapers were full of statments calling the publication an “act of terrorism” and there are demands for a direct answer by police. Meanwhile, ist down. Whether thats connected to the pictures, that were postet on this side is not clear yet. If that’s the case, it’s the second and last german Indymedia being attacked effectively by the fascist german state.
The text and the pictures can still be found on In the case of raids in context of the Anti-G20 movement, there is a call for actions on day X+1.
Solidarity for the prisoners of the Hamburg riots!

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