France : Escape attempt, revolt and fire at the CRA [migrants’ detention centre] in Vincennes


In the night between Monday and Tuesday eight people tried to escape from the administrative detention centre (CRA) in Paris-Vincennes. At around 3:45am, they smashed a window of the cell in order to escape but they were soon captured by the police.
The situation precipitated when officers went back to put two men in solitary confinement. The other prisoners of the centre began to protest vehemently, and the situation became so tense that police backups were called. The protest went on, with a dozen rooms in one of the three units which form the concentration camp (where 57 people are locked up) set on fire. According to staff of the centre, the damage is huge.
Caltanissetta, Italy – The CPR [migrants’ detention centre] in Pian del Lago on fire
Updates on 11th December. The Caltanissetta chief police declared today in an interview that the local CPR, damaged by fires, is not to get in more prisoners until the administration completes the reparation of the structure. The CPR is therefore to be evacuated completely. A first group of people were already deported to Tunisia (as was expected).
From the local media we learn with joy that after the attempted fires in September and the protests in October, the prisoners’ anger in the CPR of Caltanissetta – Pian del Lago exploded once again and broke the silence and isolation in that concentration camp.
On Saturday 9th, in the evening, prisoners put fire to some areas of the CPR, probably in order to resist an imminent deportation. After the fire, which was allegedly followed by throwing object at the staff trying to stop the prisoners, the structure appeared seriously damaged.
The media also mentioned a prisoner being poisoned but now out of danger, and at the moment we don’t know anything about repressive consequences on the prisoners.
Solidarity with those who rebel and destroy their cages!
Translated by act for freedom now!


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