Athens koridallos prison: Nikos Maziotis member of the revolutionary struggle in hospital following beating.


 21/12/2017 8:16 μμ
From a telephone communication, we have learned that Nikos Maziotis is in Korydallos Prison Hospital after being assaulted and beaten.
Specifically they said to him: “Are you the Maziotis who is playing the
tough guy?”, then they broke his ribs and beat him seriously about the
Comrade Maziotis stopped the hunger strike a few days ago and naturally
was in the process of recovery.
The attack had been ordered, as is obvious from the fact that the assailant did not have any personal relationship with Maziotis, he didn’t even know him.

More information to come from Maziotis himself and comrades in solidarity.

by telephone conversation


22.12.17  Further phone update 12:30

The attack against Nikos Maziotis took place in his cell. About 10 detainees
were involved in the attack. Of these, 2-3 were more active than the

Nikos Maziotis was hit mainly on the head, the ribs and was stabbed in

Despite the cowardly assault that he received from about 10 prisoners and
the physical strain from the 36-day hunger strike, he put up a strong resistance.

The targeted assassination attack against the comrade was not completed
because Kurdish and Turkish prisoners intervened and immediately informed
the comrades in solidarity outside the prison walls about the attack.

N. Maziotis is now hospitalized with many injuries inside the Korydallos Prison
Hospital and we are waiting for more news of his condition.

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