Actions of insurrection in Denmark: attacks on the web of oppression!


Of the following there can be no doubt: the existing society is a black hole of capitalist oppression. Every piece of it connects to one another, and in operating together they form the vortex of constant input we encounter in our everyday lives. There is absolutely no escape, and no ’acceptable’ recourse that is not tainted with compromise or reformism. This means that only violent insurrectionary resistance remains, if we desire to live freely as human beings, if we desire to free the planet from the stronghold of industrial pollution, and if we desire freedom for all the species that inhabit it.
It is clear that attacking one single piece of this devilish order is insufficient. Even though specific sectors, companies, and individuals generally are considered more important for this order to be upheld and amalgamated, we must not be fooled. An attack on every oppressive element is crucial, because even the smallest agents have a major role to play in the perpetuation of the existent. True, in the current state of things, violent action against all kinds of inequality and anti-freedom is far from taken. At the very least, however, we insist upon the fact that ideally, nothing and no one authoritarian are to be spared. Indeed, there must be no guarantee for safety, no excuses for being an oppressor, and no security measures able to act as an ironclad defense against the war waged by revolutionary anarchists. Every oppressor can get hit. At any time.

The connection that bridges capitalist agents of the private sector and the state thrive unprecented. We know that this connection exists systemically under the banners of profit and control, but we also need to zoom in, reveal the details and act accordingly. In attacking systems, ideas, concepts, we have to attack specific constructions, specific branches of infrastructure and specific individuals. Therefore, in the past few months, coordinated destructive action against a number of gas stations in Copenhagen owned by “OK Benzin” and a training facility for police dogs in the countryside has been taken. Taken in the search of achieving freedom from these deplorable entities of society, to inspire and incite others to act against capitalism and authority, and to illuminate the direct collaboration between the two. OK Benzin, a strikingly obvious apologist of the devastating oil industry, is a major sponsor for the police dog training facility. This makes OK Benzin a strong supporter of exploitation for the purpose of spreading fear and torturous bite marks by forcing and instrumentalising animals into docile war machines, all in the name of power. Conversely, the state-sponsored training facility joyfully embraces any kind of support, especially fellow interest-seekers such as the capitalist oil industry. Two sectors of the existing society with no mentionable incentive for opposing one another. Needless to say, the mainstream media has not said a peep concerning these actions, and it is obvious as to why. In ideological collaboration with the state, they do not want any news of actions like these to be available for its potentially lethal subjects, and together, they will keep it under wraps whenever possible. Fortunately, they do not control every platform of information that is out there…
Sadly, the sabotage of gas pumps, and the burning down of buildings do not mean the end of the world as we know it, but it is nevertheless important. It is gravel in the machinery, a stick in the wheel against those, who value money and power above all else. For the idea of freedom to fully flourish, one has to plant it in the soil of violent revolt. Plant this idea anywhere else, and it will eventually wither. Idea and action are fusioned in these successful attacks, and hopefully, more attacks against the rich and powerful oppressors will see the light of day and night in the future.
Received on 27/12/17

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