Italy – Issue 3 of La Peste, a-periodical of social critique, is now available (in italian language)


Copies of the two previous issues are still available.
This a-periodical comes out purely as an urgent need not to keep quiet or stay still in the face of what is happening to us and around us.
It indissolubly takes inspiration from existence in its totality. With the immutable awareness that words are precious, important instruments that bring people close to the indispensable desire to express themselves, to reveal themselves to others, but must live of real, direct, unmediated experience, because if their sound doesn’t match experience they are worth nothing.
Words and the way they intertwine are endless, but they remain a code. The experiences that compose and give shape and substance to our existences are endless and unique.
To know how to use a language doesn’t mean to know how to live one’s life with one’s head held high, without remorse. On the contrary the ability to create a dignified way of life and realize significant experiences doesn’t necessarily need relative prose, it often doesn’t even need a single word.
After all, once you achieve a good mastery of language, you only need to practice it. Life, on the contrary, doesn’t necessarily go on progressively; it is often a continuous starting again, a constant putting oneself into question.

Life is made of difficult, questionable or irreversible choices.  Luckily the more or less conscious decision of not choosing is not part of the irreversible ones. One can take possession of oneself at any time, in any place, in any state of health, in wealth or in poverty, with an articulated path or suddenly.
Those who decided to start this project made of words, testimonies and a few pictures are sure they made a choice at least: to not remain indifferent, to struggle in order to never be so, to shake up where indifference reigns, to attack those who want to keep humanity in a permanent state of inaction, alienation, delegation, passivity and submission forever.
Each existence belongs to the body, the heart and the mind that lead it, and decides autonomously in its own integrity. No institution, bureaucracy, professor, employer, parent, family, car, computer etc. can decide anything on behalf of the individual, not even the apparently most irrelevant things.
This a-periodical comes out when it likes; it starts as a single individual’s will, but doesn’t rule out its widening; it is addressed to no one and to everyone at the same time; it doesn’t need to put the interlocutors inside established categories, considering words in revolt as a narration of the possible for any spirit that desires freedom and not a  mediation between “authorised personnel” and spectators; it will speak without established patterns about what it thinks appropriate: news, history, things that have never existed;
it will energetically support those who struggle for freedom and will attack without mercy those who exercise whatever power in order to deny it; it won’t have thematic categories (for example politics, culture, news, literature, etc.) because existence is unique and indivisible and all its aspects concur among themselves without having to be categorized the capitalist lifestyle would like.
La Peste wants to be another instrument to break boredom and resignation by creating a terrain of discussion that might also develop into small forms of self-organization, without the necessity or desire to get organized (among many or few) becoming a restriction to the spontaneity and creativity of acting. Therefore criticism, even bitter, and suggestions, even apparently futile, are not only accepted but encouraged.
La Peste wants to be yet another gathering of solidarity with anyone who chooses, in the ways they think most effective and congenial with themselves, to revolt against authority, the world of goods and money, against those responsible for the destruction and slavery of the Planet and its inhabitants, the technologization of social and interpersonal relations, against the society that makes prison its pillar and is itself an open prison.
La Peste vuole essere un altro sprone verso chi nutre un sentimento di riscatto e ribellione, ma ancora non riesce a praticarlo o trovarne la propria forma.
La Peste wants to be another spur towards those who nurture a feeling of liberation and rebellion, but still  cannot practice it or find a suitable form for it.
Anyone interested can request one or more copies; write to:
2 euros per copy
1 euro per copy for orders of more than 5 copies
Plus dispatch fees
Free for prisoners
Translated by act for freedom now!

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