Sardinia, Italy – Rubino Brothers’ tow truck in flames


With delay and only thanks to a reader’s tip-off, we are reporting a piece of news that appeared in Unione Sarda on 9th December, concerning the arson of a Rubino tow truck, Ru
bino being one of the many companies that work for the army. The incendiary attack dates back to the beginning of
the autumn (30th September); these are parts of the article:
“…here is the third blitz, in this case at the company “RubinoGru SAS”, in Truncu Is Follas in Assemini. The fire attacked one of the company’s heavy vehicles, which was completely destroyed. The other heavy vehicles were moved away before the fire could reach them. According to an early assessment the damage was over ten thousand euro… After reporting the incident to the carabinieri the company said: “we remain confident and await the results of the investigations”.”
The article concluded with a list of similar attacks which have occurred in recent months in southern Sardinia against tow trucks, amounting to a total damage of several millions of euros.
According to the press the attack was never explained, claimed or attributed to any perpetrator (prosecutor Pelagatti only mentioned the mafia style of some methods). The article that we took the news from only mentioned the strangeness of the attacks, calling them mysterious.

Published on 20th December 2017 
Translated by act for freedom now!


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