Charges brought against Serb anarchists


Last updated: Monday, December 7, 2009, 17:47

The detention of the six anarchists accused of the attack with petrol bombs at the Greek Embassy in August to protest the arrest and detention of a Greek comrade in the events of December 2008 has been extended by two months.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicted them on November 3 with charges of involvement in international terrorism and the District Court of Belgrade has decided to extend PRISON for them by two months.

The young members of the ‘Anarcho-syndicalist initiative’ are accused that on August 24 at around three in the morning they sprayed a wall of the building, which houses the Greek Embassy, the anarchist sign and then threw two petrol bombs close to the central entry, causing minor property damage.

The indictment has raised the wrath of Serbian intellectuals, as the charge of ‘international terrorism’ is, according to the Criminal Code, the country’s second largest crime after the genocide.

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