Saronno , Italy – Presentation of the book Noi fummo i Ribelli, noi fummo i Predoni [We were the Rebels, we were the Marauders] by Belgrado Pedrini


To carry on the antifascist discourse in Saronno, to give space to past events not only as historical memory but above all as an inspiration for action today – the presentation of this book, edited by “El Rùsac”.
From the back cover
“My libertarian maturity came from a scientific and personal analysis that I had made in my youth, and my revolt was soon channelled against authority, fascism, capital, the State, abuse, the exploitation of man over man, against all the things that didn’t let me breathe and feel myself an individual.”
Belgrado Pedrini’s story is not only being reprinted to talk about his actions, but to show the way that and the feelings with which these actions were carried out. Many comrades’ stories are thrilling and adventurous, but if they remain in the reader’s imagination, the meaning of their actions, the passing on of their experiences, becomes mere literature.
Simplicity, modesty, constant revolt and unconditional solidarity with those who suffered, led Belgrado to difficult dangerous roads.
Translated by act for freedom now!


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