Athens, Greece :[Video] New Year’s Eve Out of Korydallos Prison, 2018 – By Radio Fragmata


On the evening of 31 December 2017, some 300 comrades gathered outside the walls of Korydallos prison in Athens to join their voices with those of the prisoners.
Similar meetings took place outside the prisons of Larissa, Volos and the immigration detention centres in P. Rallis in Athens
From 16/10 the new Penitentiary Code is under public scrutiny, and in response to this legislative abortion, a coordinated mobilization of captives has been launched at national level.
The mobilization includes the women’s and men’s prisons of Korydallos, Stephanou Patras, the prisons of Chania, Larissa, Malandrinos, Domokos and Corfu.
On 28/10, comrade D. Yagtzoglou was arrested with a warrant issued by special investigator E. Nikopoulos for the case of the parcel bomb in Papademos, and is now detained in Larissa’s prisons under a regime of physical and political isolation.

At the beginning of December, G. Tsironis “is released” after 18 months only to be imprisoned again in his home, with cops outside 24 hours a day. The comrade’s situation once again testifies to the terrorist hysteria and vengefulness of the State towards its political opponents.
On 21/12, comrade N. Maziotis suffered a beating in his cell by ten detainees after 36 days’ hunger strike with his companion Pola Rupa.
All of us on the other side of the walls stand body and soul alongside the constant struggle of those experiencing the exterminating regime of imprisonment.
We find ourselves here to remind judges, prosecutors, cops, and all kinds of government officials that whatever barbed wire is going up, our voice is loud and will cross the walls of cement.
The struggles of prisoners within the walls are also ours and lost battles are the battles that were not fought.
For these reasons, and for all the reasons in the world, we met at the change of the year outside the prisons of democracy where encroaching isolation are called “retaliation” for “maintaining social normality”.
During the gathering, slogans were shouting and flyers were thrown while the presence of cops was intense and Solomou Street was blocked.
Later the solidarity led to women’s prisons where the prisoners shouted slogans for freedom …
The passion for freedom is stronger than all cells … (also heard by women held in prison of Koridallos in the video)
Let’s join the struggle of the prisoners against the NSC
Solidarity with comrade Dinos Yiagtzoglou
Immediate lifting of house arrest for comrade G. Tsironis.
Solidarity with members of EA, P. Roupa and N. Maziotis.
A/A  Radio Fragmata
Free voices, broken prisons!

Translated by Act for freedom now!


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