>Experimental GM corn field sabotaged in Badajoz




9 10 2010 From Culmine (October 8, 2010):
We claim responsibility for the sabotage of an experimental field of genetically modified corn in Badajoz province. On Sunday, September 19, several people sabotaged a crop of genetically modified corn—designated type SF1035T and related to another variety already being sold by Monsanto—owned by Fitto Seeds in Guareña municipality, Bajadoz.
This action is a small response to the imposition of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by biotechnology corporations and the Spanish state.
Ever since massive GMO experimentation, approval, and marketing began, the creators and developers of GMOs have been declaring that they would be capable of ending hunger and safeguarding the health of humanity, possibly ushering in a cleaner, more efficient agriculture. Nothing could be further from reality.
The imposition of GMOs is taking place in the context of enormous transnational corporations fighting for monopolistic control of seeds and chemical fertilizers, monoculture, genetic contamination, the elimination of the small and medium-sized farmer, the liquidation of local economies, the disappearance of indigenous seed varieties, huge distribution networks, the pollution of water supplies with toxic waste, and the disintegration of rural communities. In short, the context of the capitalist model.
GMOs are incompatible with other forms of production and social organization based on restoring a more traditional agriculture that satisfies the needs of populations instead of markets, doesn’t exceed the limits of ecosystems, and aims to rid itself of the illusion of associating happiness with consumption.
Such models are particularly needed in a world gripped by starvation and global warming caused by the planet’s submission to the market and state totalitarianism.
Therefore, GMOs have not managed to fulfill the goodness they were said to be capable of. Instead, they represent another turn of the screw in the agroindustrial model, which envisions the total expropriation of people’s capacity to feed themselves.
For final decisions regarding the approval and subsequent marketing of GMOs, the Spanish state created the National Biosecurity Commission (CNB), leaving regulation in its hands.
Within the CNB there are seven scientific representatives, many of whom have ties to the biotechnology industry and the pro-GMO lobby. This scientific bloc calls the shots within the CNB, whose duty is to industry, not biosecurity. Proof of this can be found in the growing number of cases of genetic contamination in wheat and corn crops. In entire regions of the Spanish state, the genetic contamination of crops like these has been ensured.
Beyond our frontiers, GMOs have been responsible for all kinds of disasters, like famines, deforestations, poisonings, allergies, and other pathologies stemming from their consumption, as well countless instances of coercion against rural farming communities by biotechnology corporations. And let’s not forget the genuine massacres that have arisen from the manufacture and use of the chemical fertilizers needed by the agroindustrial model, of which GMOs are the latest expression.
Saying no to GMOs means saying no to the aforementioned evils and injustices, saying no to imposition, saying no to the artificialization of life, and saying no to a fool’s progress.
Taking action against GMOs is a legitimate people’s struggle, as well as a sign of common sense and the need for profound social change. It is the fruit of being conscious of how dangerous it is (and how much is at stake) when the Earth is in the hands of capitalism. Whoever sows and promotes GMOs will reap resistance.

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