Teramo, Italy – At the garage.


Here’s a little provincial tale. One that you can tell or not bother to. One of those things, serious and funny at the same time, which show the kind of world we live in … even in the provinces.
Let’s begin: a comrade of ours recently bought a new car. It should be said that he’s never been lucky with cars; not exactly concerning their mechanics but rather because of the insistent pranks of some joker. Once, for example, the comrade found a GPS for recording sound and movement inside the clock, and when this disappeared rancorous searches by the digos gave no results. Again, with a different car, a requisition of the vehicle (for administrative reasons) couldn’t be carried out because a pretty little device had been left in it by the forces of order…
And so on and so forth…
Of course, these stories might seem normal to us, but, if you look around you, it’s not all that normal…

In fact our comrade recently got a new car and… the lights of the dashboard function intermittently, the digital signals often get confused, the lights blow with extravagant frequency…
Of course it is a sin to think bad thoughts, as they say, but obviously it’s precisely thanks to this sin that one seeks truth beyond dogma…
And so our comrade, without too much philosophy, simply went to an electrician, who told him that all these problems with the electrical system were strange, very strange. At this point our comrade, plainly and simply, told him that this often happens because the cops have been putting GPS in his cars to listen in to conversations and to locate him.
The electrician’s astonishment and embarrassment is the reason for these lines.
We, who take so many things for granted, need to realize that they shouldn’t really be taken for granted.
Not only.
Talking about such things with anyone (well, not exactly  anyone… but we know what we mean), moves us away from the limbo of superheroes where self-reference often takes us. And, unexpectedly we sometimes encounter understanding, general hostility towards the oppressors and, even, complicity.
And the car’s electrical problems?
Well, it matters little how it ended up this time. Anyway the cops already know and the rest of the story can easily be imagined. It is far more important that a repressive device became the topic of a discussion on the world around us and on which solidarity can be built.
Even at the electrician’s.

Translated by act for freedom now!

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